Cruising 101

Cruising 101 is where cruise beginners get their sea legs!

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Cruising 101: Here’s a Great Primer on Cruise Lingo

Cruise lingo is important to know if you plan on cruising and mingling with experienced cruisers. It may sound like a completely different language! Well, as always, I’m here to help! Let’s learn some cruise lingo!

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5 Healthy Travel Tips Every Cruiser Should Know

Taking the advice of well-traveled cruisers is the best thing for first-time cruise passengers to do. After all, why not learn from someone else’s mistakes or mishaps? Of course, you will still have a few of your own, but that is what makes your...

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5 Amazing Tips That Could Help You Cruise Safer

Booking a cruise is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation choice. The purchase price includes most of the food and entertainment. When you step foot on a cruise ship, it’s like you’re stepping into your own...

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Can You Use Cell Phones on Cruises?

There used to be a time when I enjoyed being totally disconnected from the outside world while I cruised. But technology has advanced so much that it’s easier (and has gotten cheaper) to use cell phones on cruises and stay connected while you...