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Cruise addicts in Tahiti: Ola and her Mom in on a bridge in front of over the water bungalows in Tahiti.
Tahiti 2023


Embracing My Inner Cruise Addict: A Love for the Seas That’s Incurable

“If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want. I don’t want it. If there’s a remedy, I’ll run from it.” 

~Diana Ross – Love Hangover

Inspired by Diana Ross’s “Love Hangover,” my life as a cruise addict revolves around a simple truth: if there’s a cure for this love of cruising, I don’t want it. If there’s any remedy, I’ll sail further into my addiction.

Embracing the Cruise Life: A Journey of Joy and Discovery

As a self-acknowledged cruise addict, the first step for me was admitting my undying passion for the sea. The next? Naturally, I am plotting my next cruise adventure! My life’s motto is straightforward: work hard, cruise often. Whether navigating the daily grind or the ocean waves, my heart is always set on my next cruise escapade. Just take a look at my countdown timer!

Unforgettable Moments with My Spirited Mom: A Cruise Addict’s Best Companion

Cruising, for this cruise addict, is a shared joy. My wonderful 70-something Mom, my ever-enthusiastic travel partner, plays a vital role in these sea voyages. We’re a duo of balcony connoisseurs, cherishing every sun-soaked, book-filled, or snooze-inducing moment aboard.

More Than Just a Cruise Addict’s Diary

While my core addiction lies with cruising, Mom and I also embark on other travel adventures – small escapades that keep our wanderlust alive between cruises. These journeys are also part of my cruise addict story, filled with unique insights and tips.

Join a Fellow Cruise Addict on This Exhilarating Voyage

My mission extends beyond sharing my cruise addict tales. I’m here to spread the infectious joy of cruising. Whether you’re a veteran of the seas or are just starting to feel the pull of this addiction, I warmly invite you to join me. Let’s sail together to explore the vast oceans, discover breathtaking horizons, and create unforgettable memories!

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