Take Your Movies on the Cruise With You!

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Huh? Who does that?  I do!  Sea days are meant for chillin’.  And what do I do when I want to chill?  Watch movies! And maybe a few other things, but we’ll talk about those later. ?

This is a continuation of my Hawaii Pre-Planning.  Keep in mind that I took this cruise in 2014, so these movies are old.  But, if you haven’t had an opportunity to see the ones I recommend, then by all means indulge!

So, I was planning to be gone for two weeks. We had a total of 8 sea days and over 10 hours flight time round trip. I definitely needed to plan my personal entertainment.

The easiest choices were the movies. I picked movies I wanted to see but hadn’t yet had time to watch. Normally, I wouldn’t take my iPad with me on a cruise, but with so much downtime, I kinda didn’t have a choice. I mean, I had just upgraded from the Air to the Air 2. Who leaves the new gadget at home? Definitely not me! So, here is the movie playlist:

Cruise Movies: The 2014 Hawaiian Edition

1. Conan the Destroyer
So, this is obviously an old movie, but I had just recently found out that Mom had never seen either of the Conan movies. ? We had already watched the first one and decided to add this to the playlist so she could join the rest of us. lol

2. Edge of Tomorrow
I’ve been trying to tell Tom Cruise to retire through my movie screen, but somehow the message never gets through and he puts out another movie (i.e. the new Mission Impossible movie coming out this year ?). Sigh. But, the plot was interesting, so I gave it a try. It was actually pretty good.

3. A Million Ways to Die in the West
I actually didn’t get around to watching this one…

4. Sex Tape
This was absolutely hee-larry-us!! I recommend it! ??

5. God’s Not Dead
This was an intellectual feel-good movie. I will admit, not everyone will enjoy it. It starts out a little slow and the acting is not the best, but overall, I enjoyed it.

6. Neighbors
Another funny movie. I enjoyed this immensely! ??

7. Hercules
I enjoyed the action and of course, The Rock was easy on the eyes!? This was a better storyline than the Hercules movie released earlier in 2014.

8. Tammy
This was not what I expected. It had funny moments, but overall the movie left me nonplussed.

I was pretty shocked that I had actually watched so many movies while on vacation. But I’m glad I had them.

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