Here’s What’s Different About Cruising MSC

Thus far in my cruising career, I've cruised three cruise lines: Carnival, Royal Caribbean and now MSC (Princess is up next).  Before cruising MSC, I would say that for the most part everything is about the same.  On most American cruise lines, you already know what to expect and each line just adds their own flavor to the mix.  But MSC, being Italian, was a little different.… Read the rest “Here's What's Different About Cruising MSC”

Stop! Everything You Need to Know About MSC Cruises’ Easy Drink Package is Right Here!

I am always planning for a cruise since I cruise at least once a year.  This year's cruise is on the MSC Seaside.  I've never cruised with MSC before and I am learning a lot!  You can read about my initial post on Planning an MSC Seaside Cruise to get started.

We booked our cruise under the All-In Cruise deal which includes the Drinks on Us package and free wifi.  Because we booked the Aurea experience, our drinks package is automatically upgraded to the Easy package (score!).  We usually don't go for a drinks package because we're not big drinkers, but since they wanted to include it, why not?  Free Wi-fi is a no-brainer, but one question I had was:

What's included in the Easy drink package?

Read the rest “Stop! Everything You Need to Know About MSC Cruises' Easy Drink Package is Right Here!”