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How Your Everyday Activities Can Help You Save Money for Cruises

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Pssssst! Let me share a little secret with you…

I’m not a millionaire.

I know it might seem like I have it made with the number of cruises I’ve done, but the real secret is the sacrifices I make so that I CAN cruise. In general, I like to call myself “thrifty,” and all the extras I spend money on must pass my cruise test:

Would I rather spend this money on a cruise?

As an example:

Going out to lunch with co-workers every day? Lunch costs about $10 in our nearby restaurants if you’re not doing fast food. If you’re doing that every day, that’s $50 a week or $200 a month. In a year, I could save $2400 just bringing my lunch to work. And what can $2400 buy me? A balcony cabin on a 15-day cruise to Hawaii. ?

Me on a 15-day cruise to Hawaii
Me on a 15-day cruise to Hawaii

There are, however, some things that slip past my “I-could-save-this-for-a-cruise” test. Those would be gadgets (I’m very partial to Apple) and clothing (shoes are included in this category – don’t judge me!). With the advent of Amazon and the great quality of clothing items I’ve discovered there, it’s getting hard not buy that cute little dress right when I see it. So, I need something that will allow me to save in spite of my shopping habits.


YCG Enterprises, LLC

[socialpug_tweet tweet=”Qapital is a mobile banking app that allows you to save for the things you want, by doing the things you already do.” display_tweet=”Qapital is a mobile banking app that allows you to save for the things you want, by doing the things you already do.”] Qapital was created to help people better translate money into happiness by rewriting the rules of banking. Qapital helps people make smarter saving and spending decisions by giving them the motivation, information, and guidance to help them put their money towards the things that make them happy. Qapital is committed to building a new kind of banking experience. One that is beautiful and fun to use, while ensuring that customers get the peace-of-mind that comes with FDIC-insured accounts and bank-level security.

How does that translate into cruise money?

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you want to save for up for surf lessons (for your Hawaii cruise) and you know you need about $1500. You’ll set this as your goal.

To reach your goal, you’ll create rules. Rules determine how you add money to your account.

YCG Enterprises, LLC

Round-Up Rule
– You spend $4.25 on coffee. Qapital saves 75¢.

Set and Forget Rule – Save $5 every Friday.

Spend Less Rule – If you spend less than $20 on Starbucks in a week, Qapital saves the balance.

Guilty Pleasure Rule – Save money every time you go to the movies.

Payday Rule – Save a percentage every time you get paid.

52 Week Rule – Save $1 week 1, $2 week 2 and so on for 52 weeks.

Customizable Rule –Save $10 every time you go to the gym.

Once you set your goal and create your rules, just watch the savings roll in! I’m using the 52 Week Rule and an Apple Health™ Rule that saves every time I hit my step goal. The great thing about this savings tool that I haven’t found with others is that it will automatically pause your savings if your account goes below $100. No more worrying about possible overdraft fees because you may not be paying attention to your bank account balance.

Qapital also provides you with the following:

YCG Enterprises, LLC

  • Checking accounts for spending and goals
  • A Qapital Visa® Card
  • Interest on your accounts

Once I hit my goal, I plan to transfer the funds to my spending account and use my Qapital Visa® for all my cruise related purchases. You could also use this as your regular bank account, including direct deposit! There are no annual/monthly fees, no overdraft or minimum balance fees and no negative balance fees. With no minimum deposit to start and interest on all your accounts, it’s hard to see where you could go wrong here!

Of course, you can use it to save for other things like buying a car or new furniture for your home. But a cruise is nice too! LOL

Wanna start saving with Qapital? Click here to download the app! You’ll get a cool five bucks and so will I!

I’m always saving for a cruise. What are you saving for?