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5 Cruises You Should Have on Your Bucket List

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As a cruise addict extraordinaire, you know I have a bucket list of cruises that I must do before I get on my final cruise ship in the sky (of course I’m going to cruise heaven. Where’d ya think I was going?). Some of these I’m sure I’ll get to and some may end up remaining unchecked. Here’s my list of cruises I think everyone should be salivating over.

Nile River

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I’ve always imagined myself sitting regally on a plush barge being fanned as peeled grapes are fed to me from a gold plate. Too much? Okay. Seriously though, a Nile River cruise is one I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. How could you not be enthralled? Pyramids, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor and Cairo – all possible ports of call. Just thinking of all the history and landmarks I could see is enough to put this on the list.


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This one’s still on my bucket list. To do a transatlantic cruise, you have to love sea days. There may be one or two ports of call at the beginning or the end, but a transatlantic cruise is all about the sea days. I absolutely LOVE sea days. Although the cruise line will create an itinerary packed full of fun to keep you entertained, I love the peace and quiet found on my balcony watching the ocean go by. If you’re a sea day lover, you should definitely try a transatlantic cruise.


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I’ve been researching Alaskan cruises lately. I’m sure I’ll check this one off my bucket list in a year or two. I plan to do a cruise tour so that I can see as much as possible while I’m on the left coast. Everyone I know that’s done an Alaskan cruise has had nothing but great things to say about it. They say the wildlife and glaciers are absolutely gorgeous. There’s also the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Try to get to Alaska soon if you can. Unfortunately, due to global warming, the glaciers may not always be there.


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Who cruises to Hawaii and doesn’t do a Luau? ??‍♀️ It’s not my fault though. We encountered what they call the Pineapple Expressthat caused us to miss a few ports. That’s the excuse I’m using to go back. Outside of the missed Luau, Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. It doesn’t feel like you’re in the United States. Things I recommend while there? Go see the Pearl Harbor Memorial, Waimea Canyon, Volcanos, the Tropical Botanical Gardens and of course a Luau. ?

World Cruise

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This is my retirement bucket list item. A cruise that takes me all over the world and allows me to see some of the exotic ports that aren’t on regular itineraries? Sold! Some of the ports of call I’ve seen listed include Fiji, Tahiti, China, Australia, and Africa. These are the ports dreams are made of!

What’s cruises are on your bucket list?