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Carnival Fare Types: What You Need to Know

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Are you trying to find the best rate on a Carnival cruise and find the different fare types confusing? In typical Your Cruise Girl fashion, I’m here to help! After reading this, you should be able to choose a fare with confidence!

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NOTE: This post will not discuss any qualifying and promotional fares which are available to limited audiences and/or booking windows.

OK, now let’s get into it! Carnival has several fare types:

Early Saver

Picture of Early Saver Sale from Carnival's website

Early Saver is available up to 76 days before sailing for cruises 5 days or shorter and 91 days before sailing for cruises that are 6 days or longer. This fare type gives you price protection up to 2 business days prior to sailing. This fare type is the lowest available fare that allows you to choose your own cabin. If that is important to you (it is always important to me) then this is probably a good fare for you. If the price drops, you can get a non-refundable onboard credit for the difference with price protection.

NOTE: The new fare must be for the same ship, sailing, stateroom category (i.e. inside, ocean view, balcony) and number of guests.

TIP: Automatically track the price of your cruise for free with Cruise Critic’s Price Alerts or Cruiseline.com’s Price Alerts. They’ll send you an email if the price of your cruise changes.

To make a price protection request, complete and submit the form. There’s no limit to the number of times you can request an advertised lower rate, so submit away!

NOTE: If you change your ship, sailing, or need a name change, you will be subject to a $50 per person service fee.

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Super Saver

Picture of Super Saver on Carnival's website

Super Saver fares are generally the lowest fare available, but you won’t get to choose your exact cabin, only your cabin type (i.e. inside, oceanview, balcony). This fare requires a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit and is available for bookings made more than 3 months from the sail date. This fare does NOT qualify for price protection.

If you know for sure you can make the cruise and you don’t care where your cabin is located, this fare is for you.

NOTE: If you choose an interior upper/lower cabin type, you may end up with an upper/lower cabin. Oceanview, balcony or suites may have an obstructed view.

You can search for Super Saver fares here.

Fun Saver

Picture of Fun Saver on Carnival's website

Fun Saver is the standard rate that lets Carnival choose your cabin for you. This fare type comes with half off your deposit and Carnival will choose your stateroom based on the cabin type you select. Your deposit is non-refundable and price protection does not apply to this rate. No name changes are allowed.

NOTE: If you choose an interior upper/lower cabin type, you may end up with an upper/lower cabin. Oceanview, balcony, or suites may have an obstructed view.

Fun Select

Picture of fun select on Carnival's website

Fun select is the standard rate that allows you to select your own cabin. This fare type also usually comes with free cabin upgrades that will upgrade your cabin up to two categories within the same cabin type. This may mean a higher deck or a cabin closer to mid-ship. Upgrades are based on availability. Your deposit is refundable subject to Carnival’s cancellation policy and penalties. Change fees are not assessed outside of the final payment window.

NOTE: Free room upgrades are not available on upper/lower, obstructed, and cove categories.

Pack & Go

picture of pack and go logo

If you’re a last-minute traveler you may run across this fare. I never get to see it because I really enjoy researching and planning my cruise far in advance. These are specials that run close to the sail date to help fill up the ship. Should you decide to book a Pack & Go fare you’ll need to pay for the cruise IN FULL, not just a deposit. And the entire fare is non-refundable and non-transferable. Like Super Saver, you’ll only get to choose your cabin type and you won’t have price protection.

If you are able to be flexible and can fully commit at the last minute, this fare is for you.

NOTE: If you select ocean view, balcony or suite stateroom types, you may be assigned partially to fully obstructed views.

You can search for Pack & Go fares here.

Hopefully, now armed with all the information you need about Carnival fare types, you can book a Carnival cruise with the confidence of knowing which rate is best for you. I always book the Early Saver rate because I’m a Type A planner who enjoys the planning just as much as the actual cruise. Carnival has a little something for everyone.

Now you can book your Carnival cruise with confidence!

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