Oceania Club’s Cruise Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

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After your first trip, you will be automatically registered in Oceania Cruises’ multi-tiered Oceania Club loyalty program for previous passengers. Members get credits for the length of each voyage and progress through the tiers based on the overall amount of credits gained.

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Points are awarded as follows:

1 credit for cruises up to 24 days
2 credits for cruises of 25 to 34 days.
3 credits for cruises of 35 to 44 days.
4 credits for cruises of 45 to 54 days.
5 credits for cruises of 55 to 64 days.
7 credits for cruises of 65 to 179 days.
Cruises of 180 days or more get 15 credits.

Membership pins, invitations to an exclusive cocktail event, a subscription to OLIFE Magazine, various discounts on Oceania Cruises branded products, and members-only deals are all available to all members. Members also get special offers on certain sailings from time to time and advance information on new itineraries.

Oceania Club Levels and Benefits


  • Available with one to four credits
  • Membership pin
  • Exclusive onboard cocktail party
  • Offers on cruises that are only available to members
  • New cruise itineraries are announced in advance.
  • Logo merchandise is available at a 10% discount.
  • A magazine subscription to the cruise line’s publication


  • Available with five to nine credits
  • Receive all Blue perks
  • Every voyage includes a $100 onboard credit.
  • Members receive a complimentary tote bag and cap.
  • A bottle of Oceania privatewine is included as a gift.
  • Wave Net Internet services are available at a 30% discount.


  • Available with 10 to 14 credits
  • Receive all Bronze perks
  • Every voyage includes a $250 onboard credit.
  • Gratuities are paid in advance and are free.
  • The Unlimited Passport Collection shore trip package comes with a 10% discount.
  • 10% discount on Prestige Select and House Select beverage packages VIP shore excursion check-in

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  • Available with 15 to 19 credits
  • Receive all Silver perks
  • $400 in onboard credit on every cruise
  • Two free custom air fee waivers


  • Available with 20 to 39 credits
  • Receive all Gold perks
  • After achieving Platinum status, you will receive a complimentary cruise as well as $500 in onboard credit on each cruise.
  • Priority check-in at the airport; invitation to supper with the officers


  • Available with 40 to 59 credits
  • Receive all Platinum perks
  • Every voyage includes a $750 onboard credit.
  • 20 percent off the Unlimited Passport Collection shore excursion package with a complimentary wine tasting

President’s Circle

  • Available with 60+ credits
  • Receive all Diamond perks
  • Every voyage includes a $1,000 onboard credit.
  • Inclusion on the general manager’s VIP list entitles cruisers to preferential treatment and invitations to dine with him.
  • Complimentary Prestige Select beverage package
  • Laundry service is provided for free.
  • 25 percent discount on the Unlimited Passport Collection shore excursion package
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