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Princess Cruises’ Captian’s Circle Loyalty Program At-A-Glance

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Princess Cruises’ Captain’s Circle is a four-tiered loyalty program for past passengers. Passengers are assigned to one of four levels based on the number of days they have cruised or their “cruise credits” (whichever is higher). Every passenger earns one credit for each cruise taken, and every cruise booked in a suite or as a solo traveler occupying a cabin alone earns two credits. Before receiving Captain’s Circle benefits, passengers must have completed their first cruise and registered on the Princess Cruises website.

Princess Cruises' Captain's Circle Logos

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Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.

Members of the Princess Cruises loyalty program at all tiers have access to special pricing on certain cruises as well as early booking discounts. In addition, they receive a monthly newsletter and a membership pin. The genuine benefits of the Captain’s Circle program, on the other hand, go to those who achieve Platinum or Elite status. These tiers of Princess members receive complimentary internet credits, priority tender service, embarkation and disembarkation, additional in-cabin amenities, and other benefits.

You should note that P&O Australia passengers can have their cruise days counted towards the Princess Cruises loyalty program. However, P&O UK has a slightly different policy, where only bookings made before December 2017 are eligible for the Princess program.

Captain’s Circle Levels and Benefits


  • Available after completion of your first Princess cruise
  • Discounts on cruise bookings made at least a year in advance
  • Deposit reduced to 10 percent on early cruise bookings
  • Special offers on select itineraries throughout the year
  • Access to members-only onboard events
  • Princess Passport memory book
  • Collectible destination stamps
  • Access to a dedicated onboard host
  • Subscription to Captain’s Circle magazine and e-newsletter
  • Gold member recognition pin
  • Access to the Captain’s Circle online information center
  • A chance to win a free cruise by taking part in a photo contest


  • Available from your fourth cruise or after 31 cruise days
  • Receive all Gold perks
  • When you purchase a standard Princess Vacation Protection plan, you will receive a free package upgrade.
  • Exclusive access to the Captain’s Circle helpline onshore.
  • 10% off commemorative cruise DVD
  • Ruby Member Appreciation Pin

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  • Available from your sixth cruise or after 51 cruise days
  • Receive all Ruby perks
  • Free copy of the Cruise Atlas, which includes itinerary details for the upcoming year and is published every year.
  • Preferred check-in at the start of your cruise
  • Access to the Platinum Debarkation Lounge, which includes light refreshments.
  • Free internet credit ranging from 150 to 500 minutes, depending on the length of the voyage
  • Platinum member recognition pin


  • Available from your 16th cruise or with 151-plus cruise days
  • Receive all Platinum perks
  • Priority tendering and disembarkation
  • Early or late disembarkation upon request 
  • Complimentary shoeshine service
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services are provided for free.
  • One free mini-bar setup
  • On formal nights, complimentary in-cabin canapes are provided upon request.
  • Afternoon tea is provided free of charge in the cabin.
  • upgraded bathroom amenities
  • 10% off at onboard boutiques
  • Wine tasting is provided at no cost.
  • Elite member recognition pin

Mom and I look forward to joining this loyalty program when we cruise to Alaska. We plan to book a cruisetour that includes both a land tour and a cruise. Maybe we’ll take a quick Caribbean cruise to get that 10% discount on our deposit. 😁

Are you a Princess Cruises Captain’s Circle member? What’s your level, and what perk do you enjoy or look forward to the most?

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